Redesign Your Landscape the Way You Want It

Install backyard waterfalls, ponds and rock walls in the Coshocton & Millersburg, OH area

Landscaping is more than just an attractive feature for your yard. Accurate Energy Services, LLC can make your landscaping work for you by installing features that help improve water drainage and reduce erosion. We do not maintain lawns, install flowerbeds, or any other lawncare service. We lay the groundwork for you to create something beautiful in your yard.

The first step to creating a beautiful yard is installing a proper drainage system. Water can ruin anything! It's difficult to create anything beautiful that's long lasting without proper drainage.

We install...

  • Backyard waterfalls
  • Retaining walls
  • Fountains
  • Spillways
  • Ponds

You can tailor the landscape feature installation you want to your yard. We'll work hard to make it fit with your design so that it looks natural.

Professional landscaping can improve your yard

Professional landscaping can improve your yard

Water flowing toward your house or pooling on your yard can cause damage to your landscape and foundation. Accurate Energy Services understands drainage systems and can make your landscaping features work to improve your drainage system.

You can use backyard waterfalls, ponds and streams to disguise your drainage system. We'll work with you to create a design that suits your taste and improves your home.

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Do More With Our Land Shaping Services

Schedule a landscaping feature installation in Coshocton & Millersburg, OH

Your lawn will always need maintenance, but sometimes it takes more than just weekly watering. Accurate Energy Services, LLC, offers land shaping and landscaping services. Land shaping deals with installing the ground work in your lawn that will support your landscaping for years to come.

We can install drainage systems so you won't have to worry about muddy spots in your yard after a storm. Contact our team to get a quote for a landscape feature installation in Coshocton & Millersburg, OH.

Explore the benefits of landscaping drainage

There's a variety of reasons why you should consider installing a drainage system. Through our land shaping and landscaping services, we can assess your yard and determine what type of system would work best for you. A properly installed drainage system can prevent:

  • Soil erosion
  • Standing water
  • Water damage

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